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Re: Visual Novels

Postby Eira » Wed Aug 25, 2021 3:08 am

BlueSpark wrote:incidentally, the one with the most H-scenes.

Tied with Lilly actually, although I'd say it sticks out more with Emi for sure as it has the most... interesting H scenes, haha.
BlueSpark wrote:I think it makes for a great 1st-playthrough route, but my favorite route (Lilly's) was my 4th. So in this case, the "1st route bonus" doesn't apply for me. It does hold true for The Fruit of Grisaia, though (Michiru is love).

Interesting, well at least I found someone where it wasn't the case. But in general across most things like this the first always seems to be the winner, like first final fantasy as well and stuff like that. Simply cause it's what get's you interested and gives it more value.

Like sure 'Kill Me Baby' isn't my favourite anime, but as my first it'll always be extra special to me, even tho if it hadn't been my first it would of mostly just been a slighty decent comedy.

Also turns out I'm a lier, I did have the poll set up on twitter and everything but my friend went and bought Summer Pockets for me, the madlad! Full price too, I said I'd wait for a sale and I guess he didn't want to wait, so he bought it for me as a bribe to make me do it right away. He did it shortly after I made the last post, lol.

So as of today I have started Summer Pockets, it's a Key VN, their latest atm in fact. Never read a Key VN so it's gonna be quite the experince and will probs decide if I consume more or not. Obviously I've seen the Clannad animes and the anime only 'Charlotte' and 'Day I Became God' and a little bit of Kanon as you know, still need to go back and finish that. But that's about it, so this'll be an interesting dive. And hopefully 'REFLECTION BLUE' an expansion to Summer Pockets that adds multiple more routes will come out in english before I finish this and I can just seamlessly add it on.

Although I don't know if I should make a post for every route since I doubt anyone else here has played it and thus it'll mostly be a spoiler tag that'll go unopened, kinda like my Saya no Uta post. Unless people remember it and go back once they do play it, if ever.
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